Put Obsidian Publish persistent settings under Core plugin settings

Use case or problem

Obsidian Publish appears as a core plugin analogous to Obsidian Sync. Sync settings appears as expected as its own section under “Core plugins” with the rest of Obsidian’s settings/preferences. But Obsidian Publish has two important areas for persistent settings: Site settings and Filters (Include/Exclude folders) that only show up as innocuous and unlabeled icons in the Publish changes dialog. Specifically, it’s really confusing that Publish is a core plugin without having its settings discoverable along with all of the other core plugins. Since these features aren’t documented in Obsidian Help either, I didn’t even think to look for them.

Proposed solution

Show all persistent Publish settings, including Site settings and Filters, as a “Publish” section under “Core plugins” in Obsidian’s settings. This isn’t an exclusive request – there’s some logic to having these be readily available in the Publish changes UI. Document these Publish settings at Publish and unpublish notes. These tools are essential for using Obsidian Publish effectively, but are practically hidden.