Put community plugin readme links in plugin settings

Pretty self-explanatory, why is this what the plugins settings page looks like? Why wouldn’t you put the plugin info there Instead of in another settings menu (which also doesn’t let you go back and forth)?

Wreaks absolute havoc on my ADHD brain. I never learn how to use these plugins because I get distracted somewhere along the way.

The per-plugin settings pages are designed by the individual plugin developers. I too wish more of them had documentation links! Obsidian could encourage that by changing the sample plugin to include such a link in its SettingsTab and then asking some existing popular plugins to do the same.

PS: for quickadd in particular there is more documentation in multiple pages on the GitHub repo so I end up needing a browser with multiple tabs open anyway…

Yeah, this is not a dig at QuickAdd by any means. I’ve rarely, if ever, seen a plugin do this - which is why I think the problem is the design side of Obsidian rather than the plugin developers.

Considering the plugins are so essential to making Obsidian competitive with other tools, they should really do a better job of this.

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