Put a space before the "#" in heading references

This seems nitpicky, but I find the “#” in a title like “Long Book Title#Subheading” quite ugly, and I use a lot of subheading references. If there could be a space before so it would read instead “Long Book Title #Subheading”, that would be much nicer.


Agreed, the problem is there.

Suggest this be implemented via visual style only, otherwise it ruins compatibility with other software.

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Great Idea, Alexander. Having some visual separation would be a good solution. Basically some extra border/margin/padding to one of the letters without breaking the raw text of the md file for cross compatibility.

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Perhaps this is something that can also be addressed with the future WYSIWYG editor.

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When creating link to heading. Example: [[File1#Heading2]] for eye it is bunch of unreadable text merged in one long string.

Why you are not rendering when in Preview mode in more readable format? something like:

  • [[File1 < Heading2]] thus so it will be inside text like this: File 1 < Heading 2
  • [Heading2 > [File1]] so it will be: Heading2 > File1

It is much readable and user don’t need to hide the long string everytime by doing [[File#Heading|Heading]]


That’s a nice addition to the initial idea, @den!

I can only say that visual separation should be both for edit and preview modes.