Pushing enter after a checkbox/list to exit it? (horrible wording)

right now, if you start checkboxes (- [ ]) and push enter, it creates another line with it (same with when you start a list).

If there’s nothing in the line and you push enter again, it deletes the bullet/checkbox and takes you back to a regular line, but skips a line.

  1. if pushing enter could instead step down an indent or exit the list/checkbox format without skipping a line; and if you were on an indented list, to take you back 1 step, rather than a fully blank line

  2. if you push enter, and there’s text in front of your cursor, it will not let you exit the bullet/checkbox mode and just endlessly create lines with bullets/checkboxes; would be great if this didn’t happen


I strongly think Typora’s implementation is just perfect and ergonomic, doing what you describe.