Pushing a block from daily notes to a target (new) note

Things I have tried

I tried looking everywhere for plug ins and the closest thing I found was a plugin called workbench which I couldn’t get to work.

What I’m trying to do

hi there, how can I push blocks of content from daily notes onto a (new or previously created) target note so the block note appears in full (not simply as a reference that needs to be expanded).

I’m not sure if this is a request for new feature, but I believe it would be of immense value to the community - it’s similar to Roams page references (which is fully displayed in the target note) but would be seen as part of the body of the note and editable. Does that exist?

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The Obsidian42 - Text Transporter plugin might be what you are looking for. It is not longer in beta, you can fin it in the community plugins list.


Perhaps this open issue for Text Transporter is what you’re looking for? If so, I also haven’t yet found a solution for it.

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Oh this is great PR-C! Thank you so much - it looks like such a powerful plug in! Almost exactly what I had in mind - seems to work really well to what it intends to do.

It’s a shame it doesnt allow for the copied texts to remain in sync. But perhaps that’s a good thing.

Thank you so much for your kind note and the direction!

That’s precisely right Orand! Thanks a lot - great to hear they are already thinking about that. It almost feels like I’m intending to have subnotes (or blocks) within notes - a bit like the indent bullets from roam which appear as a reference at the bottom - but instead of references, appearing as a part of the note itself.

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