Pulling in content from last week's/month's daily notes

Preparing for 2022, I’m doing some changes to my daily notes’ template and how I work with my daily notes. One thing I’m trying to achieve is a way to create an overview of everything written in a specific section of the last 7 och 30 daily notes. I’ve an Outcomes header in my template, and during my weekly review, I want to see what I’ve written in that section.

My idea is to simply link to an Outcomes page and use the Show more context button to expand the backlinks and read what I’ve written there. But it turns out that Show more context doesn’t treat the paragraphs after a header as context.

If I instead use a bullet list in my daily notes’ template, all children indented under Outcomes (still with a link to the Outcomes page of course) are part of the backlinks’ context.

So, three questions:

  1. Is there a reason for paragraphs (at least the first X ones) to be treated as the context after a header with a link to a page?
  2. In addition to parent-child pairs in a bullet list, are there other combinations that Show more context understands as a context?
  3. Using the backlink functionality was only the first idea I got. But there are perhaps better ways to do what I want: Creating a “view” with parts of my daily notes from the last X days. I guess I’m not the first one who wants to do something like this. How have others built this?

Does each new daily note show the last 7 or whatever days of outcomes on a rolling basis?

Each daily note includes the outcomes for that specific day.

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