Hi everyone,
First time posting and new Obsidian user so please bear with me if this question comes across as basic.
Just published my vault for the first time, and I’m getting an error message saying the link destinations don’t exist (I’m not getting my complete graph either which suspect is related to this problem).
Can anyone point out where I’m going wrong please?

Hi Keith,

Could you sure the entire error message with me please? A screenshot would suffice. Thanks.

Hi there,

Here you go:

Any update on this?

Does that page exist in your local file? If so, is it published?

I’m not sure I follow. That’s a screenshot of my published vault, surely it wouldn’t appear if it didn’t exist in the local version?

Ah ok, I see why it’s confusing to you.

From the perspective of the site (i.e. given the information it knows), it has zero knowledge of what exists in your local vault if you choose not to send it over, so it can’t make the distinction.

You can read the “Privacy” section here to learn more: