Publish to WordPress

I use markdown for writing my blog posts. Was wondering if someone would consider creating a plugin that enables directly published to WordPress websites. It would be great if such a plugin could handle multiple sites rather than only one website.


that would be really helpful. i wish to integrate it on my wordpress blog .


I found a workaround that worked—once. I have not been motivated to figure out why it worked that one time and only that one time.

I’m interested in developing a plugin for this for my own use, I will publish an initial version if there’s enough interest from others. What core features would you need to use this plugin?

i hope to support metaweblog api, not only wordpress. thanks

Hi guys,

I’ve got a beta version working and I’m looking for a few people to test it out for any issues and missing features, please?

Demo video here:

The latest version is on Github, it needs to be cloned and built, but I will release a version for non-developers soon.


What if I want to publish the whole vault as an WP website (and the synchronize it by need)? Are there any solutions?

You mean iA Writer won’t publish markdown files to Wordpress anymore?

Or there’s a syntax problem?

I’m afraid I haven’t looked into this further since my earlier post.