Publish to forum plugin

A plugin which oneclick publish to obsidian’s forum from written in obisidian.

I heard many obsidian’s users likely write new topic in forum, so, I think a bit of time,

Why we can’t write topic in obsidian ,and then oneclick publish to forum ??? :grin: :grin: :grin:

Well, the forum is not built by the developers of obsidian, so there is no easy way to do that. Also, I don’t see the practical use with this, you can just as easily right in the forum post/comment box (like I’m doing now) with markdown, or copy and paste from obsidian.

But the developers of obsidian can do changes in the forum

not big changes, only changes to small things like css

Yes, exactly what I’m saying

this would be a big change, they would need a way to send data from obsidian to discouse’s servers, much harder than changing the color of the like button.