Publish: metadata (both cover and description) stopped working

Steps to reproduce

Add cover and description properties to a note, then publish it.

Did you follow the troubleshooting guide?

Can’t really do sandbox testing for Publish (can I?)

Expected result

<meta> fields set properly

Actual result

Both description and og:description are just the title of the note. No preview cover is set at all.


Additional information

Not sure if this has anything to do with the move from directly editing of frontmatter to properties, but more probably it’s a server-side something, as the notes, where all the metadata was set properly previously, also stopped showing the correct metadata, despite no updates from me for these notes. E.g.: About Me - - Obsidian Publish

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EDIT: no bug, just looks like permalinks take a long time to appear on social cards and using Facebook’s sharing debugger. Someone should probably update obsidian docs to note that! thanks @whitenoise

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Read the top of:

@nickpunt permalink take longer to update (even 24 hours)

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Okay, makes sense that I couldn’t check it with the browser. Still, the crawlers got the wrong information too, as the previews generated on Facebook and elsewhere were wrong. They’re okay now, though (without any changes on my side).

og:image property is still wrong. See this note: Ход шутом. Планирование при СДВГ - - Obsidian Publish
The cover property is set to an absolute path of an image that is also published. It doesn’t get fetched by Facebook or Telegram.

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I’ve debugged the problem with the tool suggested by @nickpunt, and found out what the problem was. With the new Properties interface, the path should be entered without the surrounding quotes, as they get encoded as a part of the URL (as %22).

with the properties interface the quotes are already there, so you don’t need to add another set of quotes.

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Yeah, yeah, I just got confused by the manual. The manual is not technically incorrect, as it shows the properties in source mode (and they’re correct if set that way), but I think that this might confuse other people too.

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