[Publish] How to read note/close others after opening many others

Things I have tried

To expand for reading: Scroll horizontally, clicking, dragging, double-clicking a note in the stack.
To close open notes: Clicking, dragging, Command+W

What I’m trying to do

After opening many (20+) notes, I want to go back to a note in the stack and read it.

Currently, I can’t because

  1. the note doesn’t expand
  2. I don’t see a way to close the others


There is a full-screen communty plugin that you could use just for that note. That might be all you need. You can also drag that not to a different part of your screen, perhaps that would give it more space than being in the middle?

Hi @cwdaniels, I could only find the fullscreen plugin for the local install of Obsidian but not for Publish (publish.obsidian.md) – which my request is for. Anything I’m missing here?

No, that was the one I thought might work for you. Sorry!

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