[Publish] Display all opened notes in Graph view

Use case or problem

In Obsidian Publish, make relationships visible between all opened notes.
Ex: a site visitor seeks info on topic T1, for which reference to a note N1 is given, and on topic T2, subject of note N2. if N1 is referenced in N2 this may infer a link between topics T1 and T2, which is a valuable information for the visitor.

Proposed solution

Today the graph view shows the focused note only with its direct neighbours.
Extend the graph view of Obsidian Publish so that, as soon as two open notes are two or less links away from each other, their connections would be visible:

  • display nodes for all opened notes and their neighbours (which may result in disjointed clusters or not), and not only the for the note that has focus
  • if opened notes are say A and B, with respective links to C and D and if C and D both happen to have a link with each other, then display this C-D connection too even if C and D are not currently opened.
  • assign a distinct color to notes that are actually opened