Publish a Concatenated view of Multiple (Refactored) Notes?

Is it possible to create a concatenated view of multiple notes, for the purpose of printing/publishing/sharing?

I drafted a long document, and have used the note refactor plugin to break it down by H2s. This is fine within my own documents, but I’d like to create a PDF version that automatically reconstructs a full view of the note by concatenating all the documents again.

Is there a way of achieving this?

I know iA Writer has the concept of transclusion/embedding - that is probably what I am trying to figure out in Obsidian.

It is easy to transclude in Obsidian. Just put a ! in front of the [[link to another note]] and then view it in preview. You can also transclude portions of a note. Take a look at: Link to blocks

Is there a recommended way to transclude so that the title of the transcluded document is left-justified? Here’s a simple example of the centering I’d like to left-justify.

Thanks. Now the last part of my particular puzzle is working out how to atomise the notes with the refactor plugin, but then build them back without the header duplicating from the ![[title]] and from the H1 of the transcluded note.

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