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What cool open Note Collections have you come across?

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There’s a thread about this on the Zettelkasten Forum
I was going to list a few that they mentioned in the link, but I can only post two links :confused:

Ya I’m the nick mentioned in that thread from ZettelkastenDe. Some weird circular forum posting now. I’ll take a look at their list and update my list.

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h0p3’s Wiki

I found this to be a pretty interesting and overwhelming site. Built on TiddlyWiki, but still a huge collection of notes. It’s almost hard to navigate.

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I am particularly looking for examples like this that are just Obsidian Vaults so that I can learn both PKM but also dig into techniques and formatting particular to Obsidian. I thought there was already a list, couldn’t find it, started to make a list then thought maybe to ask here if anyone has already posted Downloadable Obsidian Vaults showing Examples of PKN with formatting tips and tricks.

There are quite a few of them listed here.


Thank you so much @atiz , that is quite an incredible list. To be honest, I feel a little embarrassed asking this question, or maybe foolish, because while so many of those links are incredible example of organized knowledge, they are all websites. I didn’t even know obsidian Vaults could be turned into websites (if that is what is happening here). What I am really looking for is actual vaults I can download and open in Obsidian so I can learn best practices for formatting using things like ![file^notemark] and all the other various ways people actually do things in Obsidian to streamline great organization- make MOCs, etc. (additionally now my curiosity is peaked about turning Vaults into websites but that seems to be a whole different matter).

@gabecolors, ah I see. I don’t know of any downloadable vaults (although it kind of rings a bell that there were some of those around here as well; getting too late to try search for it…). But I think many of these published vaults are close to their “original” – they really are vaults, just published. (There are a few things that don’t work on Obsidian publish sites that otherwise a lot of people use – basically, none of the plugins work. Dataview is perhaps the most important one. But you can get along without these in your vault as well.)
So at least you can get a sense of how people link things, what kinds of notes they have, etc. But it all will vary really much depending on the specific vault you’re looking at.
My takeaway from the year-and-half of experience I have had with Obsidian is that you’ll have to develop your own system no matter what. Sure, looking at examples may be helpful, but you have to do what works for you. And it will evolve, and that’s okay too.