Provide different text for links

I’m not sure if this is covered anywhere else but I wanted to link to a file but change the link text, i.e. I have a directory structure and file such as:


I can’t just use [[common_file_name]] as it clashes with other files with the same name.

And I’d like to avoid the long path in this document. So instead I used:

[short name](obsidian://vault/<vault name>/top_folder/sub_folder_with_long_name/common_file_name)

and it works great!

* Edit *

I noticed the Linked mentions don’t work using this method. Is there a better way to get around this limitation? i.e. when you click on the file at top_folder/sub_folder_with_long_name/common_file_name it shows the original file under Unlinked mentions as opposed to Linked mentions.

You can change the display text of a link like this:

[[top_folder/sub_folder_with_long_name/common_file_name|Custom Name]]