Provide ability to render md (e.g. images and links) in the Mentions area

Use case or problem

I enter all my notes in the Daily Notes section, tagging keywords as I go. When I click on a keyword, I get that keyword’s page and all the content from when I referenced it is listed for me. But, none of the markdown in those references is rendered, so instead of seeing nice images and links, I see raw md (I hope I’m using the term ‘render’ correctly here). This basically defeats the purpose of taking notes in this way (which is the way I thought all these new unstructured note apps are supposed to work).

In Remnote and Logseq, the markdown is indeed rendered in the references area. See attachment showing the comparison.

Proposed solution

Add a setting toggle to enable rendering markdown in the reference areas. It can default to ‘off’ so that nothing changes unless you go enable it.

Current workaround (optional)


Related feature requests (optional)

didn’t see any


Here are a few related discussions:

And the currently proposed solution a “beta” plugin — which I didn’t know was a thing — Obsidian-Query-Control:

All that said, I support this feature request — it would be a lot easier if Obsidian core simply rendered markdown in Linked Mentions and other query-based views, instead of plain text.


Looks like this feature request is also the same: