Pros and cons to specific many templates or a few general ones

I am working on creating templates for a lot of different typs of note and curious to hear your thoughts on the pros and cons to many templates as opposed to using only a few.

For example I could have only a “people template” for all kinds of people. Or I have many different kinds of people template. for example one for creators that I dont know. one for friends and family and one for a business type of relationship.

if I use many templates for example I would add fields that are relevant to this category, for example

content creator: topics of expertise, website adresses etc
family and friends: interests, family members etc
business related: services, collaboration opportunities etc.

compared to if I only have a people template I would either add a lot of things as I create the note. or have many things in the template and just delete what I dont need once I write the note.


Personally I use a small handful of basic static templates and only use basic symbols like time and date, because I can’t keep track of too many choices.

What would be the downside to using lots of templates for you?

When you use the commands, such as Templates: Insert template you are given a search field to type the fuzzy search name of a template. So if you use a reasonable naming convention, you should be able to find the template(s) you need.

Some of the community plugin template plugins can also trigger specific templates via hotkey. Or create more dynamic templates. Example Templater can include variables and code. So you might be able to have fewer templates that can extend to have more variations. (PSA: Be careful triggering code and always backup.)

Well, I think I will fall into creating several templates and then see which ones I will end up actually using. The pros are that they can be more specific to what I actually use them for. I can also change them as I go along and I see what is needed .

I guess the cons is 1) I might forget them 2) I might have issues creating dataview lists because I name things differently 3) it will take time to create all the templates.

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