Properties - Link to daily notes in nested folders

Use case or problem

I have daily notes in a folder called “daily”. After each month, I move that month’s notes into a folder archive, something like “daily/archive/2023”. This helps me clear out the daily notes folder so that when I have it open, I can still easily scroll to other folders without having to collapse daily notes each time. I swap between a lot of notes at any given time, so it is very convenient for me to keep my daily notes folder expanded.

Currently with properties - If I have a note with a property date of 2023-06-27, when I click that link it will create a new daily note. However, that daily note might already exist under “daily/archive/2023”. Right now it seems that the properties will only link correctly to a daily note, if that daily note is still in the parent “daily” folder.

Proposed solution

I would like the ability for properties, when linking to daily notes, to search all nested folders under the “daily” notes folder - and automatically link to the appropriate daily note. Or perhaps even an option to enable this behavior.

For example, if a note contains a property for the date of 2023-06-27 - I would like that to auto-link to the note at “daily/archive/2023/Jun 27 2023”, rather than creating a new note at “daily/Jun 27 2023”

If no notes exist under any nested folders, then go ahead and create the new daily note.

Current workaround (optional)

None that I’ve found yet.

Related feature requests (optional)