Properties: let the user customize the way Dates/Times are saved/written

This FR was created to capture the discussion related to letting the user choose in which format the dates of type “date & time” in properties are saved on file.

Currently, we use ISO 8601, extended syntax, second resolution, local time.
While the format chosen for the internal representation may be subject to minor changes in the future, we do not plan for having the users pick a different format. We would like to have fixed format to facilitate interoperability with outside software.

If you would like to write dates in a a different format:

  1. Use the string type and Obsidian won’t touch them
  2. Use the (upcoming) properties API, define a custom type, and handle it with a plugin.

Note this FR is specifically about the way dates are saved. To customize the way they are displayed see


+1 to that! I just had a problem where the date property in my frontmatter went bananas after setting up the key as a date type.

I’d also like to see this be a possibility. I currently store the same date and time format that Obsidian writes when editing the value via the properties but with the addition of my UTC time zone offset. Editing the value via properties strips the offset.

I’d like to request that the Properties type “date” format be customizable with a format string, as you can do with templates and the document name for daily note.

The reason: I want notes using the Date property type to link back the Daily Note for that day.

My Daily Note titles take the format YYYY-MM-DD dd. For example, today’s daily note is titled 2023-11-20 Mo.

However, the format for the Date property type is YYYY-MM-DD.

I’d like for the backlinks or unlinked mention part of the daily note to show any notes with that day’s property type. To do that, the property type date format would need to be identical to the daily note date format. The format for the Property date should be user-configurable, the same way the Daily Notes title format is user-configurable.

I’m on a Mac, and also use Obsidian on the iPad and (rarely) iPhone.


I have lots of dates in my YAML properties.

I’d like to have as a property

  • the day of week Mo., 18.10.2023 14:00 Uhr or Mon, Montag, …
  • a time span and access it later with dataview Mo., 2023-11-27 05. - 06. U.-Std. (11:10 - 12:40 Uhr)
  • optional in both: the calendar week (KW) of the date
  • the current calendar week in an other field.

(A well made workaround would also be appreciated.)