Properties in live preview (with hidden properties)

In the Properties settings, I want to be able to set a property that is directly visible in the preview in version 1.3.5.

If there is an official version of Properties, there may still be some problems.

  1. The attribute type is insufficient, such as single tag and multi-tag, picture link format.
  2. In the setting, it will forcibly set all the Aliases to a list, so that the name of my single title will become the file.
  3. According to the case specification, Properties enforces the use of built-in lowercase, so that when using Linter, the yaml area will be disrupted.
  4. The management of Properties is not perfect enough, which will lead to many problems that cannot be set up.

I still prefer to put the yaml area at the top to see, unlike now, it is easy to cause a lot of misoperation. And the simple interface that used to be is now complicated.

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I don’t understand what you wrote. Moved to help.

Just need a Properties with a switch in live preview.

The rest is about Properties’s bug.

In particular, the forced definition of Aliases as list, aliases are generally only for the current file, now become list, all will be called up. It can’t be changed.

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