Proper way of linking?

What am I trying to do? For study purposes I am trying to kind of copy a study-book.

  • I created a folder (title of the book)
  • within this folder are my notes
  • I start out with a ToC note, this copies the book hierarchy (but without the page numbering)

Then I start out with a section (on a note) using hashtags to build my structure, e.g.
'## 1
'### 1.1
'## 2
You get the idea

Now I would like to have these so called chapters / section items of my ToC linked to the corresponding “## headers” in my notes.
(my idea would be to use a single note per chapter)

I’ve read in the docs that using '#^ should be used to link to sections or blocks, but in my case this does not seem to work. What am I missing?
(to be clear the links would link between the note containing the ToC and the headers or sections on other notes)

Ok - How to use links AND markup or HEADINGS (html headings)?

Well, can you show the syntax you are trying to use?

Put it inside triple backticks, so we can see the markdown. Like this:

[[How to Take Smart Notes#Highlights]]

When you’re typing a link, it should auto-complete. Then after the link, you type #, and it should also give you an auto-complete search for your headers. Or ^ for a block link.

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