Proper file path?

Im not sure if this question is related to obsidian file linking in general or the csv table plugin but when I specify the source as a file name within the same directory the plugin is unable to find the file. I have also tried

  • using a relative path
  • with and without square brackets

hmm strange, I used the following format and it works for me. I also tested having “Washington, DC” in the data in case it was a parsing error. But it works.

Do you have any errors in your console? What version of Obsidian (including installer version)?

What is the root of your vault? If it is “Periodic”, it should work as far as I can tell. If it is “Primary”, I think your path should be source: Periodic/countries.csv. It shouldn’t be relative to your note. It should be relative to your vault, with no root slash /

(I had to put spaces in between my closing 3 backticks just so they would render in this forum.)

source: attachments/test.csv
` ` `

Or if I move the csv to the root of my vault, it still works too

source: test.csv
` ` `

Markdow-style links also seem to work for me.

source: [[test.csv]]
` ` `

Thanks for the reply, FYI in discourse you can escape code bocks with a leading forward slash…I just learned that (its why I used a screenshot the first time)

Ive been tinkering since the OP so the path has since changed but it works when I use the full path without a leading slash so currently my vault is located at /home/joey/KB/Primary/Sandbox/csv-table its root is /home/joey/KB/Primary/

source: Sandbox/csv-table/countries.csv

works as expected

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