Proper expand of sidebar via hover

Hi, I have a css snippet which extends the left sidedock to 640 pixel via hovering.

It works nearly how it should. What bothers me is that if I hover between the symbols (like folder, search,… - there is a little space between them), the sidedock returns to it’s previous width value (240 pixel).

I’d like to either target the whole sidedock or even better would be that the icons don’t have a space between them which I can’t press to switch to that menu.

current css snippet

.workspace-split.mod-left-split {
	width: 240px !important;

.workspace-split.mod-left-split:hover {
	width: 640px !important;

Does anyone has a soultion for this?

best regards

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Can you give some context, in English, to the links and how they relate here?

I found a solution myself.

.mod-left-split .workspace-tab-header-container-inner,
.mod-right-split .workspace-tab-header-container-inner {
  gap: 0px !important;
  padding: 0 0 0 0 !important;
  margin: -1px -1px -1px -1px !important;