Prompt in Preview mode for editing

Hi everyone!

Is there any plugin to have a "prompt in the bottom of the note or somewhere else while in preview mode (like templater does, but without hiding the text behind the prompt)? It could look like the search-in-note pane but in the bottom on the note, like a chatbot, maybe like this:

A. The prompt space is empty, maybe it shows it shows “write here…”. When you click enter after writing something, it gets sent to the current line position of the last time that you edited the note in edit mode. (it may even have an indicator of the line number).
B. a prompt space showing only the current line (also maybe even being able to move “up” or “down” the current line of the prompt space with hotkeys)?
C. being able to choose between the two previous options or disabled as default
extra: being able to choose to enable this to specific notes via rules, excluded notes, etc.
extra: option to show an indicator of the current line position in preview mode

This is dream-like, I’m just looking for something that does option A actually lol.

I know I could do something similar with live preview, but I don’t like how it displays some of my notes. If it doesn’t exist I think it’d be a great idea for AI integrations and also to see everything in preview mode directly while you write. :thinking: