Project Tailwind - What are your thoughts on it?

Tailwind is your AI-first notebook, grounded in the information you choose and trust.

Just curious of this forum’s thoughts on it.


I just joined the waitlist. I don’t think it’ll replace my obsidian system but I’m interested in playing with it to see what it can do.

Just “Google” defines the scope of this project: another avenue to dig into people’s personal data and their life. No thanks.


Google has a long history of starting user-centred projects then abandoning them for no rhyme or reason. I’m enthusiastic about the idea of AI-enabled PKM, but not about Google’s implementation of it.


“Don’t be evil”, Google’s old motto turned out, after all, to be rather Orwellian. The idea is interesting, but I would only trust AI-enabled personal knowledge management if the code ran solely on hardware that I control and didn’t communicate with the outside world. Especially not Google.


Same here. I’m just curious. Truthfully, it won’t even make sense for my use case. 95% of my notes are for tracking purposes. I’m just curious for those that use it for other purposes.

Seemed like an interesting idea, but as others have said, no way would I trust Google with my notes for a litany of reasons.