Project folders with the same notenames without links

What I’m trying to do

I’m trying to make few Projects with simillar structure.
I want to have different notes with the same note name in each project folder e.g.:

  • folders: DarkSouls1, folder DarkSouls2
  • notes (in each folder): Characters, Settings, Graphic

I don’t want any connections/links between notes from one folder to another folder.

Things I have tried

I’ve searched in the help forum and in Obsidian settings.

You can create a note with absolute links, such as
and then rename the folder to, for example, DarkSoul1

Absolute references will create a folder with the specified name in addition to the note.
If you need a similar template for each note use the Templates or Templater plugin.

Thanks. It’s good solution.

Now I’m in DS1 folder.
When I’m typing [[Set…]] editor propse me “Settings” from DS1 and “Settings” from DS2.
Is there any way to limit editor propsitions only to folder where I’m actually writing?
It’ could be messy with 100 project folders.

Absolute links works great with default setting.
If I change my settings “Folder to create new notes in” to “inBox” then after clicking [[DarkSoulTemplate\Characters]] it create (folder + note) [[DarkSoulTemplate\Characters]] inside “inBox” folder.

The same with [[MainVault\DarkSoulTemplate\Characters]].

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