Progress Bar when Working with Large Folders

Use case or problem

No indicator when attempting to perform an operation on a large folder of notes/sub-folders.

Proposed solution

Ideally a progress bar or other form of indicator in the UI that the operation is in progress.

Current workaround (optional)

Just wait until the folder operation is finished, or perform the operation in the operating system instead of relying on their progress bar for large folder moves/renames.

Related feature requests (optional)


You might consider generalizing this to “large numbers of notes” unless there’s something folder-specific about it.

I only saw this when opening folders that had a lot of files, it seemed to be worse when the folders also contained sub-folders, I assume due to some recursive logic calls to ensure note paths and links are maintained.

I think it’s important to identify that while related to renaming a heavily linked file, it’s a different problem and probably exists seperately in code.