Programmatically control CSS for completed tasks?

I’m taking a stab at my first plugin, toggling the display of completed tasks, and I’d like to programmatically toggle a css property (.markdown-preview-view adding display: none).

I see that has a customCss property, so my hope is there’s a way to add or remove rules there, but I didn’t see this in the developer docs.

Has anyone given this a try?

For CSS I think you can just provide a styles.css file.

You can search for styles.css here, might give you a better idea:

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Yep, I cloned the repo and added the custom css – works perfectly. The feature I’d like to add is a UI element that allows the user to toggle display on and off.

If you want a global toggle, have the command do something like document.body.toggleClass("hide-completed-tasks") and have your CSS rule key off of body.hide-completed-tasks .markdown-preview-view

If you want a per-pane toggle, have the command call toggleClass() on the .containerEl of the .activeLeaf of, and use div.hide-completed-tasks in place of body.hide-completed-tasks in the CSS.


Thanks @pjeby – this is exactly what I was looking for. I’ll start with one and probably add both if there’s any interest.

Closing the loop: I’ve made a first pass at the plugin and submitted the PR for inclusion.