I registered to become a supporter of Obsidian. Tried to send in PayPal money, but

have not yet received the promised email. Meanwhile a wheel is turning around at the bottom right corner of my Vault. I changed my appearance template, and no notes will open. I am a little worried. Should I close down Obsidian. Is it loading a backup on line? My Obsidian helper is using a lot of CPU. So just wait?

My problems went away. I shut down everything and started again with a different Theme. The Theme was causing some of the problem.

Sorry. I am so anxious. This program is so poorly understood by me. I am just causing meaningless trouble.

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it’s ok, I suggest you start basic and read the included help vault

The trouble comes when I read those help documents and do not understand them. They are very well written, but sometimes they are talking about an area out of my experience or knowledge. I have to find the problem in by playing around with the program and then come back to the help documents.

Anyway, Sorry for exposing my anxiety.

Ask in the community, if you want something to be explained!