Problems with rendering Chinese characters in PDF?

This article is a Chinese to English translation, there may be inaccuracies, sorry!

This is a question about exporting PDF files from Obsidian.

Hello, Obsidian team Hello, I am a Chinese user, I am using a MacBook Pro and I am having problems exporting PDF files.

  1. PDF files sent to other users, especially window computer system users, the probability that the Chinese characters in the PDF become garbled. But I can’t provide a case.
  2. PDF file in Chinese and English in the selection is different, it looks like the selection of Chinese characters is a problem, this may be and “1” is the same problem.

The following is the case of “Problem 2”:

English in PDF:

Chinese in PDF:


I understand the Bug Report template may be hard to follow, but the bug report template (here):

and the troubleshooting steps need to be followed for bug reports. You’ll see this template when you click “New Topic” in the Bug Reports category. Please include your “Debug info” (cmd + p and type Show debug info).

Can you reproduce this behavior in the Sandbox vault (Help > Sandbox vault)? Where is this blue highlight coming from?

This forum may also be helpful:

Does the PDF work properly in acrobat reader?

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