Problem with the preview of lists when the next line is a non-list

I don’t know if I should file it in the bugs.

The edit mode:

Expected Result:
The list with bullets.

Current Result or preview:
No bullets in the sub-lists

Manually adding a blank line is a solution but it interferes with other tools like ANKI integration which works on Regex.

this is the markdown spec

Yes, I feared this, can’t something be done about it?
Since, the markdown spec also follows double line breaks, if that can be avoided, can’t this be somwhow :sweat_smile:

I tried the link you shared

None of them preview as Obsidian does.
Which one does obsidian follow then?

you can input yourself and see what commonmark.js does

Yes, I did that.
And that’s what I am saying.
It fails to create a new line after the sub-list but atleast create a ‘bullet’

I don’t understand what you are talking about

The input is:

The commonmark output:

What Obsidian previews:

The bullet is not rendered.

Sorry I didn’t get immidiately what you problem was.

Yes, this is the exact problem with me.
No solution yet right?

no, sorry.