Problem with Tasks and Reminder plugins used together

What I’m trying to do

I would like to create recurring notifications every 15 minutes to remind me to do some recurring checks. I am using the Reminder and Tasks plugins, which have these settings to work together.

I also use the system notifications option, so that I get a clearly visible notification even if I am not with the obsidian window open.

The problem is that system notifications only last few seconds, and if I don’t press them within 3 seconds they disappear, and if at that moment I’m not looking at the screen, all subsequent notifications stop, and this is very frustrating.

Things I have tried

I have tried to modify the code of the Reminder plugin, but i don’t have much experience with coding.
What I would like to happen is that the system notifications do not disappear until I press the X to close them, or that in addition to the system notification there is also the default obsidian notification when I reopen the obsidian window.


Also I don’t like that for every 15min check a new line is created with the goal completed like this

Isn’t there a way to auto delete it? I understand why it can be useful but for my usecase is completely unnecessary and it only overclutters my environment.

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