Problem with new update

Things I have tried

Just tried opening my vault since the new update but it’s acting like I don’t have any vaults??? All my md notes are still saved in the folder I had the vault in but I can’t open them because obsidian is acting like my vault doesn’t exist?? Please tell me there’s a way to fix this :sob::raised_hand:

When I click the icon on my homescreen on my laptop to open it, it just comes up with the “open folder as vault/create new/open help” options with no vaults on the side. I’ve tried “open folder as vault” but it’s telling me my md notes for the vault aren’t there either?

Do I have to do something to the folder in my documents so they’re compatible with the new 13.19 version?? Kind of panicking here, that vault was important to me.

Thanks to anyone who can/tries to help!!

What I’m trying to do

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