Problem with linking to pdf file in a folder parallel to the vault folder

I tried to link to a pdf file in my local Zotero folder placed in the google drive folder. My obsidian vault also lies in the google drive folder.
i tried [pdfname](../zotero/pdfname.pdf) , [name](.../zotero/pdfname.pdf) and [name](../../zotero/pdfname.pdf) but all failed.
Some times, a file named ‘’ was created in the directory instead of linking to the target pdf file. I also tried [name](../zotero/name.jpg) and [[../zotero/name.jpg]], as a result, a file named name.jpg.pdf was created there.

I’m using Obsidian v0.7.3 mac

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we don’t support linking outside your vault with the [[]] and the notation.You can try to use file:///

Many thanks, I decided to move my Zotero folder into my vault.