Problem with dataview, frontmatter, and multi-line YAML values (e.g., tags)

I’m trying to use dataview to read and produce tables of my files’ YAML data. This is what it’s for, right? I’m having a problem with YAML fields that are in list form (second example):

Works (YAML values on same line):

status: backlog
priority: minor
tags: [tag1, tag2, tag3]

Dataview table (this is what I want):


YAML values on separate lines:

  - backlog
  - minor
  - tag1
  - tag2
  - tag3

When the YAML is in this form, I get bullets (dashes and spaces) in my values::
The YAML in this example is valid, so it should be read correctly. Since it is reading the data wrong, I can’t include a statement like:

WHERE status = "backlog"

or even

WHERE status = "  - backlog"

doesn’t work either. The first one should work, the second was a hack attempt.

I’ve searched for solutions on:

  • Obsidian YAML settings
  • Dataview bullets in table view
  • Dataview reading YAML incorrectly

Please tell me I’m missing something simple. :slight_smile:

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