Problem with Dataview FROM

I have had no luck with a query constrained to a folder. Example:


The result is

Dataview: Query returned 0 results.

even though the “CBC” folder has many notes. Whereas, for example,


correctly returns notes from files tagged #cbc.

Obsidian v0.12.15, Dataview v0.4.5



I tested your issue on my vault but dataview worked–did not return a “nothing found” message. You might wish to check to ensure that your folder name is CBC rather than cbc; i.e., that the folder name is all-cap rather lower case or some combination of upper and lower cases. Dataview returned a “nothing found” message when I supplied my folder name in a case different from that in the file system. I named the folder on which I tested your issue “miscellany.” Dataview listed the files in it when I supplied the name in that case, i.e., “miscellany”. However, it returned a “nothing found” message when I supplied it as “Miscellany” or “MISCELLANY.” So I suggest you check that you supplied the folder name in the proper case.

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