Problem of attached pictures on my iphone

I installed Obsidian on my iPhone to use it as my main note app, and I’m trying various things, but the attachments of the notes I wrote in the Mac Obsidian note app only show the link version in the mobile version of the iPhone, and I can’t see the attachments.

Obsidian says that all attachments are collected in a separate folder, so when I checked, they were synchronized in the attachment folder, but not in the note app.

Of course, I set up synchronization with iCloud, so it synchronizes quickly, but it seems to be especially true for photo files.

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Do you mean you can see the attachment files in the folder in Files but not in the folder in Obsidian?

Sometimes, to save storage space, iCloud keeps files online instead of on the device. If so, in Files you will see a little cloud icon next to their names. Tapping the files in Files will download them. I think Obsidian tries to ensure that all of the files are downloaded, but sometimes it can take time, and maybe it’s not working.

Ahh, was just about to post it was discussed on Discord a bit:

No conclusion though :disappointed_relieved:

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