Problem connecting to the account through browser and no-response from support

It seems I am not the first person to have this problem. I reset my password on (and after that I could connect via the application to my sync account), but I cannot change the condition of my subscription to cancelled it.

I have been charged just today for one month although I had sent an email to support with no answer. What can I do. Block my card?

Any ideas?

(A lot of people have had this kind of problem. Please take note than even when you reset the password in the website, you cannot login to it, just to the application. And you cannot manage the subscription.)

I do not understand why no one answers after three or four days.

Not sure what you are referring to here.

So you can login in and in the app but you can’t cancel your subscription?

Can you disable auto-renewal?

I can not. I can login to the obsidian application, not through the browser. And no answer from support.

try again to login to the website, the email is case sensitive.
Enter email and password manually, sometimes password manager mess up.

“Login failed, please double check your email and password.”

I have done it about ten times in the last four days and with a few resets. The password and the email are ok (i have my obsidian app working ok, already logged).

so if you log out in obsidian app you can log in with same username and password. I am going to repeat everything is case sensitive including the email.

If you have a password manager disable it, sometimes they change things after you input them.

I have just logged out from the application. And reenter email and password. I am in.

I do not get why people do not believe us. A lot of people have reported this problem.

the only reports about this I recall were about case sensitive email problems, that’s why I am stressing you to check the casing.

As I said, I have multiple times logout and login in the application.

Anyway, why support does not answer an email about billing?

you can expect a response in 3 business days.

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