Problem accessing templates from Zotero Integration plugin

(As an Obsidian newbie, I’m not sure if this question belongs under “Help,” “Bugs,” or “Plugin ideas.”)

The Obsidian Zotero Integration plugin allows users to define templates for such imported things as source records in the Zotero database and annotations from associated PDF files stored by Zotero.

To access these templates the plugin provides a Template File search box. But the box is not free form. Instead, by providing possible completion text, it tries to complete what the user starts to type. The problem I’m having is it neither offers me the choice of what I want, nor does it allow me to type in the full path to what I want.

I’ve organized my vault like this:
00 ZettelKasten

10 Source Records

20 Files

30 Administration

40 Writing

90 Meta

      91 DataView

      92 Templates

          921 Templater

          922 Core Templates

          923 Nunjucks

And the path I want to use is “90 Meta/920 Templates/923 Nunjucks/Source.njk[.md]”. (Here I added [.md] because Obsidian insists on adding a “.md” suffix to these file names.)

How can I set the plugin to use my Source.njk template stored in “90 Meta/920 Templates/923 Nunjucks/”?

Wow, the results in that search box are so hard to see! I could tell when there were a lot because I could scroll, but I was having a lot of trouble reading the suggestions. I was unable to reproduce your issue though - files whose paths included numbers, spaces, and nested folders all showed up fine for me.
The only thing I noticed is that, confusingly, it was easier to find something when I put fewer letters into the search box. When you type just part of the file name (e.g. “Sou”) into that Template file box, do any results return?
Good luck!

Not really. (I’ve changed my file name structure slightly. Instead of starting with 3 digits, now the top level has only 1 digit, second level has 2, third has 3, etc. I also modified the sequential ordering slightly.) But I’ll explain what happens by referring to the structure described above.

When I type “90 Meta/” a path appears, typically something like "90 Meta/92 Templates/921 Templater/xxx, where xxx is the name of a file in 921 Templater. But I neither see all the files there, nor do I see all candidate templates when I type part of the final path, e.g., “90 Meta/92 Templates/” does not show all the files in 921 Templater, 922 Core Templates, and 923 Nunjucks.

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If you type Source or njk instead of the full path, does it show up in the suggestions? The search algorithm seemed bad at paths.

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