Privacy of the iOS app? 🤔

Hi fellow Obsidians

I’m wondering why the Obsidian iPhone app seemingly doesn’t need to ask for permission to access my Photos library…?

There has been no prompt, and there’s no option in (iOS system/app) Settings to allow “Selected Photos” or “All Photos” or “None”.

How come? And how can Obsidian even access my photos (iOS privacy/security-wise) without such a permission? :man_shrugging:t2:
Isn’t the whole purpose of the above mentioned app settings (“Selected Photos” etc) to prevent apps from accessing the user’s full Photos library…?

I find the lack of such a setting odd, honestly. So I hope someone here can shed some light on it? Else I’ll have serious doubts about the privacy of photos and other files!

Please see:


Thank you so much for that link, Ryan! :pray:

I had searched the forum, and Google, on two occassions even, before I finally got around to post here. But somehow I’d missed that previous topic – which perfectly answers my question.

The answer makes sense, and I learned something about iOS I didn’t know :nerd_face:

… And I’m at ease re: the privacy. Nice :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Thanks again :blossom:


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