"Privacy mode" for easily demonstrating a vault to someone

One of the great things about this Roam plugin is that it allows me to instantly hide everything private based on an easy configuration! This video shows clearly what it does and how it works.

The way I picture it here: all I do is make a list of page references or search terms, and any pages that fulfill those requirements will be be blotted out while I have the mode on. A quick keyboard shortcut for toggling it on or off if someone walks by (like, if I’m planning a birthday gift for my girlfriend and she comes to sit next to me)

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Great idea! You might be interested in my new “Privacy Glasses” plugin, although the concept is a little different (when it’s toggled on, it hides everything except the text chunk that you’re hovering your mouse pointer over). It still might be worth checking out.

For future versions of the plugin I’ll consider adding the ability to have “private pages” on which Privacy Glasses turns itself on automatically, but I don’t know how hard that would actually be to accomplish. So it’s just an idea for now!

That’s good for the panic mode of “Aahhh someone’s behind me!” but not as good for the use case of demoing a vault to someone else. I’d love to see it in a future version!