Privacy and Obsidian's Spelling Checker

I am trying to figure out how obsidian spelling checker works.

Initially, without really thinking about it much, I figured a large list containing most words for each language was part of Obsidian’s installed files. Now, I doubt this is the case.

I noticed that spelling checking does not work on a small bootable Linux USB with obsidian installed, that no longer is (or will be) connected to the internet. Leaving me to believe that each word I type is normally sent over the internet to some service to check it’s spelling.

Since Obsidian seems to be based on chromium (what-with chrome’s dev tools being a part of Obsidian). I figure all words I type are sent to one of Google’s services?

Tldr; How does Obsidian’s spelling checker work? Does it send all words I type over the internet and if so; to which service?

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