Prioritization and status of feature requests

I’ve done a bit of searching and it’s still not clear to me how to tell what the priority of a feature request is, or if it’s being considered for inclusion at all.

I’m particularly interested in the “Multiple Windows on Same Vault” request (Multiple windows on the same vault), but I’d like a way to know if/when this important feature is being actively considered or developed.

(It’s not like an arbitrary thread can be tracked as a github issue with associated metadata).

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There is a roadmap for big items that we decided to work on.

Regarding the feature requests, we periodically plow through the section of the forum for ideas, with an eye on the popularity of the requests but also weighting in our vision for the project.

We do not systematically manage, prioritize, or keep the status of the feature requests because it’s a waste of time. It’s thinking about the work instead of doing the work.
We don’t need a voting system because we are reminded daily on the most pressing issues.

Regarding your specific feature request, it’s a nice to a have feature but as @Silver replied in that thread there are severe technical challenges at the moment to get it done.

You can subscribe to a thread to get updates.


True, but @wgrant had some good comments in that thread that may be applicable if the window is only being used for a read-only rendered (preview) view. I would venture to guess that this would probably solve many people’s problems, since needing to reference other notes is so important; not necessarily being able to edit multiple notes simultaneously.

Some examples:
Taking meeting notes; you want to see what was on the list last week.
Writing new content: you want to have previous references and related notes available to reference.
Even Zettelkasten (which I don’t personally use).

Thanks for the Trello link!

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To add to @WhiteNoise’s explanation, you can sort forum threads by Top and by timeframe. Sorting by top → all-time shows a pretty good picture of what’s important. Multi-window is #18 on that list.

As WhiteNoise said, though, feature requests (no matter what software used to track them) help provide a “roughly right” picture, but the devs also have their own reasons for not prioritizing one thing or another. For instance, there’s no real feature request thread for Obsidian Sync, but it’s a big project they’re working on!