Print file capability

I occasionally like to print of certain pages of my notes and when I went to do that today I discovered there was no print functionality. It would be nice if there was so I don’t have to copy and paste everything into a word processor.


EDIT: Disregard I was thinking of Notion.

I don’t know if it’s much better for you, but I export to PDF and then print from there. Maybe less chance of loss of formatting?

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PDF would work, how does one go about that in Obsidian, is there a plugin perhaps?

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So sorry. :frowning: I was thinking of Notion.

Maybe a future pandoc plugin.


Sorta doesn’t seem like a pandoc plugin would be necessary. I believe that since this is an Electron app, the preview window is already an HTML document under-the-hood. Assuming that’s true, there’s a method for pulling this off easily: .


I just discovered this issue as well. I need to print out some individual notes so a simple print current note would be really helpful. Instead of a simple command P and I get it with an option to make a PDF I have to go searching to see if I can figure out how to do it somehow. I looked in help but no info on printing there that I could find.

PS I finally found an export to PDF, which worried me as export to me means remove from the vault and make it a PDF so I was afraid I’d lose my note in my vault! Why not Create PDF instead of Export?

Or just add a simple Print function?

I guess create PDF could work too. Export doesn’t imply delete.

It does to me. You export stuff to get it out of the current container and into another one hence possible deletion. I agree that it’s a matter of how you use th word and is in part base don how previous SW packages you have experience with use the word export to me move out and make it go away in the current place/location. :grinning:

Being able to print, or even copy the formatted note would be something I’d find very handy.

export to pdf and then print it.