Preview popover too “snappy”, often in my way

It’s generally a good thing, that I appreciate a lot, for software to be “snappy”. But in the case of the preview popover that appear while hovering internal links, I very often find it’s a hindrance :

  1. when there’s a list of links at the bottom of the window, the popover masks subsequent items of the list ; you can no longer see them, nor click them, nor hover and preview them…
  2. when one grasps a file [title] in the sidebar — the search results for example — the popover masks the editing pane and renders impossible to drop the filename as a link at the correct place.

Possible solutions could be :

  • A slight delay — like 1 second — before the popover appears. It would solve the problem 2, above, but not the problem 1.
  • The popover always following the “Ctrl/Cmd” logic, even in preview mode. This would solve both problems.

Both solutions could be “moderated” by a preference.

Thank you for your attention.

Olivier :-{)


This feature request already exists:

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