Preview pane lose the state frequently

Steps to reproduce

Expected result

If a pane sync to another pane, keep it preview state no matter it has created new document or it now is a PDF or picture.

I can’t reproduce this. Post a screen recording of this happening in the help vault.

Can you please use the help vault instead of your personal vault? Or alternatively disable themes,css and enter safe mode?

ok. now I get what you mean.
I do not consider these bugs.

A non existent note is always opened in edit mode. You can open in edit pane by using ctrl-click or alt-enter.

Regarding images and PDF, you are navigating using the file manager. There’s no reason why going forward the past state and not the current state should be preferred.
If you want to go back than use the shortcut or the button to go back.

I think you may want to open a feature request: persistent state of panes.