Preview Mode LOCK on a Note Level

Hi all, an easy solution for the “Accidental Save” issue is to set the template files to READ ONLY in your file system. I just tested this and when I tried to edit a template file Obsidian threw an error saying it couldn’t write to the file. Its easy to reverse this when you do want to edit the templates. And this of course could be applied to any file you don’t want changed.

Keep in mind that if you have Sync set up, this will probably create issues.

@Iconca I completely agree. I, too, am to afraid to use it how I want to because of how easy it is to make a change to something you want just so.

@rigmarole Snapshots will definitely help but sometimes I don’t know until months later that I’ve changed something and even sometimes I don’t know what and the note has been added to since so it gets complicated.

I don’t know what the solution is but I wish there were something in the GUI that allowed me to “lock” certain parts of the notes. I realise this is tricky.

I’ve been experimenting with the plugin mentioned in another thread;

However, it doesn’t lock notes; just makes them open as previews.

Is it bad to reply to this given that it’s from a while ago?

The only thing preventing me from using Obsidian as a place to gather knowledge is the inability to lock fields.

It isn’t bad if you have additional information to contribute. But bumping the thread just to bump it would be against our COC for “campaigning”. So kindly: please no more. We all wish our favourite features could get priority.