Preview and PDF output customization: Pandoc and LaTeX

Use case

Academic writing.

I’m working with markdown extensively. Namely - for academic writing. And although Obsidian handles math equations perfectly, occasionally I need to use a very obscure LaTeX package to render some circuits or trees.

Long story short - I’m able to use pandoc to render good PDF with all packages included, though I would love to be able to customize used LaTeX packages in Obsidian.

If I understand everything correctly, Obsidian uses Pandoc to render PDFs and (possibly) for preview.

Proposed solution

Pandoc allows to include LaTeX packages using YAML frontmatter.


- \usepackage{qcircuit}
- \usepackage{amsmath}

I propose Obsidian would use Pandoc directives explicitly (thru one of the optional core plugins, or directly).

Again, if I undestand correctly, Pandoc is already in use for previews and PDF output.