Prevent preview of a video on youtube

How can I prevent a YouTube link from showing the preview video in reading view?

I’m not getting any additional formatting when pasting youtube-links but they are clickable in reading view. What process causes your links having additional formatting?

When I use the classic link markdown:

  1. [Cold Blue - Poseidon](

The reading page charge the preview of the video, but, when I use

  1. Cold Blue - Poseidon (Original Mix) - [Link](

Apparently when I use the word link as description it doesn’t load the preview, it’s strange


I cannot reproduce that. I’m using this markdown code:

[Cold Blue - Poseidon](

which doesn’t show up as video preview.

Obsidian 1.3.5, default vault, macOS Ventura 13.0

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Have you enabled Simple Embeds plugin?

You can change embedding content or not depending on a source (YouTube, Twitter, etc.).

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