Prevent plugins and auto-updates in corporate network

What I’m trying to do

Where I work we have a very secure corporate network and we are not allowed to install our own software. We can only request that the IT department install software from an approved list.

I really want to use (and pay for) Obsidian at work, but because of the auto-update and community plugin functionalities, it is currently on the blocked software list.

I want to find a way to block the automatic updates and community plugin functionality.

Things I have tried

At first I thought this would be as easy as blocking a URL, because although most plugins are hosted on GitHub, I assumed that the search would reach out to an Obsidian server. I have since discovered that the plugin list itself is hosted on GitHub and, as we cannot block that domain, I am back to square one.

I haven’t been able to find any information about how the auto updater works but I am assuming it is in a similar way.

You can tell your IT department to install Obsidian and block its network access completely or selectively.

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